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Medical Offices

The development of our Medical Billing software was started in 1983 in Alberta. Over the years the system has been improved and upgraded in close consultation with medical practitioners. Today, many Alberta clinics are using this mature, proven product to meet their billing and accounts receivable requirements. Common modules for Briskal's Medical Office software include:

    Medical Billing
  • Preparation of claims for Alberta Health Care (AHC) and reconciliation of payments from AHC including out-of-province claims
  • Billings to third parties (insurance and law firms), or directly to patients
  • Management of Accounts Receivable from AHC, third parties, and patients
  • Distinct operating modes for Physicians, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Physical Therapists (Chiropractors & Podiatrists includes monitoring of daily and annual AHC limits)
  • AHC procedure code, diagnostic code and extensive billing statistics for each practitioner
    • Patient Booking
  • Flexibilty in setup
  • Different routine schedule for each physician
  • Physician schedules set by day of the week or default for specified date
  • Variable times for breaks/non availability
  • Small Business

    Briskal Solutions offers a wide range of software modules to fit the specific needs of Small Businesses and their owners. Briskal enables our customers to purchase the exact software modules they require to fulfill their daily business needs. This saves clients needless expense and irrelevant programs. Some of the common modules for Briskal's Small Business software include:

      Canadian Payroll
  • Supports up to 99 different groupings of employees within one organization
  • Supports various pay periods: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly
  • Built in CPP, EI, and Income Tax Tables (regularly updated)
  • Any number of deductions and/or benefits may be integrated (eg. insurance premiums, employee saving plans etc.)
  • Cheque processing and printing
  • Produces records of employment information as required as well as T4 slips
    • Accounts Payable
  • Vendor invoices/ statements may be entered for processing in standard and/or quick payment cycles
  • Records GST, PST, HST amounts as required
  • Print cheques and record hand-written cheques
    • Accounts Receivable
  • Automatically calculates GST, PST, HST and/ or other serivce charges as required
  • Prints invoices/ statements of your choosing
  • Accounts may be viewed in various formats (eg. open item or balance forward)
  • Payment entry of all items from a bank deposit rather than total amounts
    • General Ledger
  • Setup of companies' own Chart of Accounts
  • Ability to create departmental (divisional) structure with the aid of Departmental Templates
  • Flexible Financial Reporting; define as many reports as required
  • Bank reconciliation, trust accounting, and budgeting
    • Inventory Control
  • Customer Order Management: record customers' orders as received, fill shipments, and invoice for shipped products
  • Quotations Management: track quotes for customer projects (once approved can be automatically converted into Customer Orders
  • Serial Number Management: list of serial numbers in stock, tracks sold items, date of sale, date of warranty expiry etc.
  • Stock receiving and costing
  • Classification of items into sections as required
  • Maintain up to 6 different prices for an item and may be changed individually or sectionally as costs fluctuate
  • Up to 99 different warehouse locations may be maintained